All 5 Books

The Keegan James Adventures

Keegan James, his sister Terri and their new friend Tosh, a one hundred and fifty year old teenager, embark on a series of adventures.

The first adventure finds Keegan kidnapped and thrown into the slave mines of Kilimanjaro, the path to escape leads them on an adventure to find the Dragon's Heart Amulet.

The second book they go in search of the remainder of the dragon crystals in order to reverse an immortality curse. And along the way they meet Charlie the Bunyip, the Ipwa, Dragons, Nessie the Loch Ness monster, the Sylph, Manticore, Griffons, Yetis and Yowies and host of other mythical creatures that both help and hinder their travels around the globe and their adventures.

A series of womping romping yarns from the creative mind of Peter Leslie

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